gratitude-a-thon day 976: happy new year


Sadly, I did not write this and don’t know who did, but not being a miserable cow in 2017 is definitely one of my resolutions.

2016 is finally ending. Personally, I’ve had some of the highest highs and lowest lows this year. My daughter’s lengthy recovery from ACL surgery was a low–her graduating from high school and making it through her first semester of college with wit and grit–a high. My son being home doing an internship he loved–a high. My husband being stressed at work–a low. A trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar–my first ever to a developing country–a major high. My transition from everyday mom to no kids at home– a messy mixture of both highs and lows.


And then the election. A battering of our country playing out on live tv, 24/7 twitter feeds and CNN breaking news. A man (and I used that term loosely and with apologies to real men everywhere) who seemed to be a living, breathing game of Cards Against Humanity vs. a woman who didn’t know how to use e-mail, but who had, for 30 years worked in public service, including serving as first lady for almost a decade and secretary of state for four years. And just when we all thought the glass ceiling would shatter into a million pieces of joy, disbelief, shock and awe–the man won the election–the man whose words had sliced through so many of our hearts and beliefs had somehow made it to the top of the hill. And at least three million of us, were stunned and terrified and wondered, as we still do, what will become of us, now that human decency is dead.

Ah yes, the election was a major LOW for me and so many others. While the man’s supporters would tell those of us who voted for Hillary to just get over ourselves, already, they clearly don’t understand the extent of the terror we feel.

I go into 2017 with hope for my family and those I love. I will work hard on those issues that I hold close, to make sure they continue to flourish. I hope our country will somehow be ok, although I will have to employ some magical thinking to make that resonate.

Personally, I hope to write more, worry less, do more yoga, fucking meditate, be my best self more than not, love intensely those who are important to me, have more fun, find gratitude in every day, and keep hope alive.

Happy new years to everybody, everywhere! Thanks for reading. xoxo




gratitude-a-thon day 768: it came in like a hangover



I am not a good drinker. Which is to say that I can barely have a drink or two without meeting with the devil named Hangover the next morning.

Yesterday was particularly BAD. I did not make it out of my pajamas, I slept three times. And I moaned. Out loud. To the ceiling. I might never drink again. EVER.

Here’s what I think, my particular hosts for new year’s–very old, and dear friends–and champion entertainers, did a stealth job of filling my glass up. I did a stupid job of not noticing. RESULTS: NEW YEAR’S MISERY.

Today I woke up with a stuffy face, and general malaise-ish feeling. Oh joy, 2016 is coming in like head cold. Happy new year, readers. Wishing you a year of fun, delirious joy, activism, tolerance, adventure, love, & not Donald Trump. xo

gratitude-a-thon day 305: the resolutions


Dear brain, here are the resolutions. Please make your introductions and get to work.

1. I am going to exercise everyday. And I’m not just talking about this tired old bod, I’m talking brain abs, man. I want to challenge myself mentally, and physically. I want to kick Ron’s ass in Words with Friends, go to a museum every other week, read more, learn more, do some cross fit up there in the noggin.

2. I am going to be more patient. I can jump on it, because I’m go, go, go and I don’t want to wait. But waiting can be good. Waiting can give you some perspective and can just make things go more smoothly.

3. I am going to look at my calendar everyday. I know, you can’t believe I don’t, but I sort of keep a mental calendar of stuff I have to do, and I don’t really look at the thing unless I’m checking to confirm what I think. This system does not work flawlessly, so I am upgrading and joining the rest of the world to look at my calendar every fucking day. (ugh!)

4. I am going to return all emails and calls the minute I see them. The. Minute. I. See. Them.

5. I am going to gratitude more and whine less. I really want to set my intentions toward seeing what is in front of my face 100% of the time and mine the good from it.

6. I am going to make more time for friends. Friends are the money shot.