gratitude-a-thon day 305: the resolutions


Dear brain, here are the resolutions. Please make your introductions and get to work.

1. I am going to exercise everyday. And I’m not just talking about this tired old bod, I’m talking brain abs, man. I want to challenge myself mentally, and physically. I want to kick Ron’s ass in Words with Friends, go to a museum every other week, read more, learn more, do some cross fit up there in the noggin.

2. I am going to be more patient. I can jump on it, because I’m go, go, go and I don’t want to wait. But waiting can be good. Waiting can give you some perspective and can just make things go more smoothly.

3. I am going to look at my calendar everyday. I know, you can’t believe I don’t, but I sort of keep a mental calendar of stuff I have to do, and I don’t really look at the thing unless I’m checking to confirm what I think. This system does not work flawlessly, so I am upgrading and joining the rest of the world to look at my calendar every fucking day. (ugh!)

4. I am going to return all emails and calls the minute I see them. The. Minute. I. See. Them.

5. I am going to gratitude more and whine less. I really want to set my intentions toward seeing what is in front of my face 100% of the time and mine the good from it.

6. I am going to make more time for friends. Friends are the money shot.


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