gratitude-a-thon day 880: smile



This flower was in bloom last week, but it’s long gone. You need to capture the moment. On your camera, in your memory. Deep inside your heart.

Even though there is scads of gratitude going on over here, I’ve been to busy to write about it.

Doesn’t mean I’m not feeling it, though.

I have been working on the giant After the Prom Party, which is as its name suggests, a party that happens after the prom, that is a ridiculously fun, and a totally volunteer effort, at keeping the kids safe on a notoriously dangerous night. No alcohol, but loads of games, prizes and other cool stuff. This will be the last year I work on this project. I made a ferris wheel out of pool noodles, and a roller coaster out of weird wiry hose lights. Don’t ask.

Tonight is the much anticipated prom. There will be hair and makeup today, and lots of “Mom, OHMYGOD, stop taking pictures.”

That’s ok. I will never stop taking pictures.

Because time is Usain Bolt fast, and this moment is only going to happen once. I have learned that photos are important. Not just to post on your social media platforms, but to remember. I have sifted through hundreds recently. Sometimes I don’t remember the moment, but it’s helped to remind me how fast the clock goes, how swiftly you morph from one person to another, and that the only thing that is absolutely certain is that things will change.

And that’s ok, too. Sort of.


gratitude-a-thon day 129: the prom, and the party

IMG_1722 - Version 4
Here’s why I did it. He’s sort of cute, right?

To tell you HOW tired I was yesterday and the day before, would be to tell you why the grass is green, or the sky is blue (which possibly my husband the chemist MIGHT be able to tell you, but my answer would be along the lines of , “because.”)

What a gorgeous gang!
Jake and Jessie. I’m a little partial. But they were kind of an awesome looking couple. Jessie totally gave Angelina a run for her money in that dress. She was movie star GORG!

I once again missed not just one post, but TWO, and I am chastising myself today. I apologize, dear readers. I beg you to forgive. I am a loser. But I do have an excuse. And I will share it and you will decide whether it’s a good one or a lame one, or whether I better get my shit together before you just find yourself another blog to read.

It all started 19 years ago. Ok, I won’t make it quite so long, but my two day exhaustion and ensuing inability to blog, did actually start almost two decades ago, when I had my son. This past weekend was the set-up for the AFTER THE PROM PARTY (ATPP), which is the school and town’s way of keeping kids from drinking and driving on a night that is one of the most dangerous of their lives. It’s a splashy, all night, all out, super fun bash, with awesome decorations, entertainment, like a DJ, a mechanical bull, a palm reader, tattoos, log rolling, an obstacle course, plus food, and music, and prizes and a kinda famous mind reader. As Jake said, “It was a total blast!” Anyway, I signed up to be one of the co-chairs of this thing, and I planned the decorations. It was a beach theme and it was freaking awesome. But starting on Saturday morning, in SWELTERING, SWEAT YOUR BOOTY OFF, DEBILITATINGLY STUPID HEAT, we created an outside entryway, and three gyms full of fun. Monday night topped it off, with an all-night chaperoning gig until 3:30. If you don’t know me well, I am a morning person (I am writing this at 5:23 and I am relatively perky), not a night person. At night, I am happily situated prone, on the couch or in my bed, watching good (or bad, I’m an equal opportunity girl) tv. I am sleeping, anywhere from 9-11. I am not evening person (although don’t count me out of any parties, believe me, I can rally myself for a night out, like nobody’s business). I came home all three days with blowfish feet, aching in places I no longer thought had a voice.

IMG_1780 (1)
Yup, we built a real lighthouse, or I should say Ted and Phil did! It looked so real, I half expected the ocean to roll on up.
Looking outward, this is what the kids arrived to.

But, oh, the party. It was just amazing. Four hundred kids all well behaved and grateful. So many of them came up to me and thanked me, which made the whole EXHAUSTING thing worth every swollen second of it. My friend Toni KILLED herself helping to create my vision. And I am actually not kidding, when I say that. To reach the ceiling, we had to jury rig a multi-ladder situation that Superman would have been afraid of. I will never be able to thank her enough. She is the best (and yes, you read right, she and I share the same name). I should also mention that she cut out 450 foam core fish. This, in an of itself, is a feat of dramatic achievement that should be recognized at the Academy Awards this year.

The fish! And the scene of Toni’s almost death. This was water paper, layered with this cool green textured paper and each fish, with a senior’s name on it, was hung on a hook. The kids got to take them home.
a close-up!
Another little part of the decorations. So hard to photograph the whole thing, because of all the angles. (Thanks, Dan, for the clouds!)
3:15 a.m Eric Dittleman, mind reader extraordinaire comes on. He could have easily read my mind, which was saying, ” TAKE ME TO FUCKING BED, OR I’M GOING TO SHUT DOWN.”
Me and my boy.

Anyway, the whole prom thing was great. It rained all day, and then like a big gosh darn MIRACLE, the sun appeared in time for prom pics! But man, am I bone tired! Graduation happens on Sunday, and my sister is coming from Miami, and brother-in-law and fam from Virginia, and we have parties and fun stuff all weekend. So, if I miss another post, you’ll know why. So grateful to have gotten to see my boy go to his senior prom and have fun! So grateful TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED MAKE THE AFTER THE PROM PARTY A SAFE, AND SUPER AWESOME NIGHT.