gratitude-a-thon day 880: smile



This flower was in bloom last week, but it’s long gone. You need to capture the moment. On your camera, in your memory. Deep inside your heart.

Even though there is scads of gratitude going on over here, I’ve been to busy to write about it.

Doesn’t mean I’m not feeling it, though.

I have been working on the giant After the Prom Party, which is as its name suggests, a party that happens after the prom, that is a ridiculously fun, and a totally volunteer effort, at keeping the kids safe on a notoriously dangerous night. No alcohol, but loads of games, prizes and other cool stuff. This will be the last year I work on this project. I made a ferris wheel out of pool noodles, and a roller coaster out of weird wiry hose lights. Don’t ask.

Tonight is the much anticipated prom. There will be hair and makeup today, and lots of “Mom, OHMYGOD, stop taking pictures.”

That’s ok. I will never stop taking pictures.

Because time is Usain Bolt fast, and this moment is only going to happen once. I have learned that photos are important. Not just to post on your social media platforms, but to remember. I have sifted through hundreds recently. Sometimes I don’t remember the moment, but it’s helped to remind me how fast the clock goes, how swiftly you morph from one person to another, and that the only thing that is absolutely certain is that things will change.

And that’s ok, too. Sort of.


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