gratitude-a-thon day 2043: quiet down



It’s early. I have 1,097,493 to do before leaving for Jake’s graduation from college. But I am taking a moment here in bed, with my coffee to think and feel before I begin to tame my list.

I find that when I’m busy, or even when just my mind is busy, I have to envision a big stop sign in neon red, that tells me to slow the fuck down. If I run the red light, I miss seeing the important stuff instead of the surface stuff. The quietness reminds me to go about my day with intention instead of tension.

I am not proficient at this. But I keep practicing. Things derail me. I don’t always yield when I should. Sometimes I just proceed without caution. But paying attention to the quiet before embarking on the noise is a sure bet. Gratitude party for that.

gratitude-a-thon day 349: listen to the quiet


There are birds doing their thing outside my window. And although I am not feeling well and have coughed up at least one lung, I am inspired by the chirps, the little tweets that are not on twitter that seem to be playing solo out there at 6:52 am. It’s quiet. And although I am, in general, not a quiet type, I am grateful for it when it’s thrust upon me by accident, like right now. In fact, I’m certain things will get noisy in just a few minutes, maybe even while I’m still tapping away, since it’s garbage day, and pretty soon people will begin dragging their trash cans out and kids will start doing their own type of chirping on their way to school. But right now, it’s quiet and simple. And today, after a night of hacking, the silence feels perfect. Gratitude doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to feel, well, perfect is pretty good.