gratitude-a-thon day 2043: quiet down



It’s early. I have 1,097,493 to do before leaving for Jake’s graduation from college. But I am taking a moment here in bed, with my coffee to think and feel before I begin to tame my list.

I find that when I’m busy, or even when just my mind is busy, I have to envision a big stop sign in neon red, that tells me to slow the fuck down. If I run the red light, I miss seeing the important stuff instead of the surface stuff. The quietness reminds me to go about my day with intention instead of tension.

I am not proficient at this. But I keep practicing. Things derail me. I don’t always yield when I should. Sometimes I just proceed without caution. But paying attention to the quiet before embarking on the noise is a sure bet. Gratitude party for that.

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