gratitude-a-thon day 65: covered hair elastics

These little babies have changed the life of my hair. Not to mention my daughter’s pony tail, that is the actual width of a real pony.

The gratitude game doesn’t require something big. It just requires you to stop for a moment and think about one little, or big, or medium-sized thing that you feel grateful for. There is nothing so small, that it can’t help you focus on what’s good. So, today, I give gratitude for covered hair elastics. Yup! That’s my gratitude. (Don’t be all judge-y, that’s what it is.) Now, I’ll tell you why and maybe you’ll get it. When I was a kid, I had really, really long hair (except for that time my sister Joni cut it up to my chin while my parents were out, and was grounded for nearly the rest of her life). My mom would always say, “wear it away from your face.” I didn’t really love doing that, and when you’re young, does anyone really like to do what their mom says, or should I say, do daughters like to do what their mom’s say? Because I would say no (and so would my daughter). Anyway, back in the day, all we had were elastic band elastics. I do not recall having covered elastics! Now, I am admit to being old, but I didn’t grow up during the rise of the dinosaur. And yet, I’m telling you that I don’t think we had covered elastics! So, when I would put my hair in a ponytail, it would inevitably get stuck in the damn elastic and it would hurt like all sorts of hell to get the thing out. In general, there would be scissors, and possibly a section of hair gone that my mom would ususally say, “Nobody will notice that,” with a dismissive expression that really meant, “that’s the first thing anyone will notice.”

I don’t know when the “covered” elastic was invented, but did this person get the Nobel Prize in hair accoutrement? My daughter, who has four times the amount of hair that I have (seriously, this girl is possibly part horse), would not even be able to go to soccer practice, or do anything without this stretchy invention (which I wish I’d thought of, and don’t understand why I didn’t think of). So, there it is, the hair elastic is it, for me today, in the gratitude department. And that’s really all it takes. One little thing to stop and give thanks for. What’s your little gratitude today? Give me a holler and let me know. As you can see from this post, it can’t be too small.

2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 65: covered hair elastics

  1. Oh yes, I remember the broken ends from those elastics. So happy to have the covered ones. That reminds me that Lia asked for more. I plan to put them in her Easter basket. And now that I have had my hair longer again I am grateful for those hair clips that I use all the time if I’m not using a scrunchy which is another soft twisty that I love. I don’t know where they disappear to though. Off to CVS.

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