gratitude-a-thon day 67: the believers

We are all equal. Yup. That’s what I believe.

Yesterday on Facebook, my newsfeed turned pink and red. Everybody changed their profile pictures to a red box with two pink stripes. This was done in support of the gay marriage ruling, currently hanging in the balance, in the Supreme Court. It was in an effort to tell the Facebook world that we believe in human rights. Because make no mistake that what this issue is, is one of human rights.

What I find so interesting is the idea that somehow if you are a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender you are somehow less of a person than I am, than Justice Scalia, the lifelong gay fearing loser who is so smart he made it to the Supreme Court. How do you go to sleep at night feeling like you are above, better, superior? No, really, what must it be like?

I have no superior feelings. I am just another person fighting the good fight to be happy and fulfilled and live a meaningful life with people I love. That’s it. That’s all. And that’s all I want for all people. To be able to have the same legal rights, the same shot at happy and fulfilled. My, my the fabric of society could go down the crapper if we allow gay people to legally marry. Well, that’s a crapper I’m willing to live my life in. Because that’s fair. If I get a slice, then you should get a slice too.

I ask that today, all you pink and red FBer folk, keep your eye on the prize and say your prayers to whoever your personal God is, that the Supreme Court will come to its senses and remember we are all people. All the same. All equal. Keep it in your heart today. Send it out into the world. It’s time.

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