gratitude-a-thon day 120: i get to sleep today

I think I maybe only once have missed posting, but you know what, throwing a party and being hungover and having to get up the next day to drive your daughter to a soccer tournament in 49 degree rain,  brought me to my knees. Why is it that no matter how ready for a party you think you are, you aren’t? Anyway, my apologies for being dereclict yesterday, I hope you found some awesome stuff to be grateful for (if you live in New England, it was not the fucking weather, I can tell you that much). Here are some photos of the aftermath of my friend deb’s 50th. I was practically too tired to even take these. See you tomorrow.

Only one broken glass. Not bad.
This was after I had cleaned a little bit.


This was after I had not cleaned at all.


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