gratitude-a-thon day 121: i don’t believe in war, but i do believe in saying thanks


I’m going to say this, but I don’t want you to think I’m not patriotic, because I really love the United States. Like, a lot. I don’t believe in war. I have come to understand that it is occasionally necessary, but i don’t philosophically believe in it. I believe in words. I believe in playing like an adult and sitting down at a table and working it out. I believe in grand scale maps and plans and power point to get your argument across. There should be coffee and other good things to eat available. This sort of “sit down” should occur somewhere full-service, so that the disagreeing parties can go away at the end of a day and sleep and eat and then go back at it. With their words. With their well thought out schemes. With their persuasive plans. This is the way we should solve world problems. With a good cup of coffee and well crafted discourse.

But instead we are archaic and caveman when we disagree. We pull out the big guns and the massive tanks and killer grenades. We have infrared glasses and quiet helicopters that allow for sneak attacks. It’s like every little boy’s make-believe backyard game. Only it’s real people and instead of pretending to die, all the deaths are permanent. Dead. Forever. In this day of technology and brilliance, we fight dirty to make a point. This is really totally and completely out of the bounds of my imagination. How does your heart take such brutality?  How do you  brainwash your soul to be able to snuff out someone else’s light? And what of the innocent who may have been in the way? How do you come back and live in polite society where people are concerned with such inconsequential things as the size of Kim Kardashian’s ass, when you have experienced what it’s like to kill?

But the thing is, while I am 100% against war. I am 100% for the soldiers who fight. I am UBER grateful there are men and women who risk their lives for our principles. I  know I could not let my boy (or girl) go. I know that I don’t have what it takes. But thanks to all the people over all the years, who do, who have. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 121: i don’t believe in war, but i do believe in saying thanks

  1. I agree with 99% of what you say. Only the part about our principles have been greatly distorted by the powers that be and our “lap dog” press in this country.It used to be,and we are still now told that are principles are freedom,democracy,liberty,etc.
    The truth is our military has been long ago hijacked by the big banks and corporate powers to enhance their bottom line. It does not matter to them how many people they displace,kill or cause suffering to.That goes for anywhere in the world,including our people right here in our country too. Even if you believe in pillaging and raping other lands for their natural resources,the joke is still on you-because these fucking war mongering bastards are not going to share the spoils of war with the rest of us.Instead we hear about the sequester,and austerity measures. More than half of your tax dollar goes to supporting this perverted military and a very successful misinformation propaganda campaign to make us believe the bullshit.
    Here is my take. Instead of thanking our poor mislead (brainwashed) sons and daughters in the military we should pity them but more importantly try to educate them about the reality. Of course this would mean they would have to develop critical thinking skills,something our military and nowadays even our media discourages.
    I remember sending articles from progressive magazines such as the Nation,the American prospect The progressive,to my poor brainwashed niece in Iraq who got swept up in all that disgusting military bravado. She wrote back telling me to stop sending her this material that made her fell uncomfortable. The indoctrination was already so deep,she was unable to think for herself and other wise reason. I have saved her letter to this day for her in case history makes her come around.
    I cry when I see my friends and loved ones caught up in this collective lie that is destroying our economy, schools,infrastructure and pretty much our nation for the profits of the few. They have all the people trained like circus seals to worship militarism,and then call you “un American” or “un patriotic” if you dare to disagree,or god forbid “think for yourself”. So,now that you have read my rant,I ask you “who is the REAL patriot here?

    1. wow, kenny. this is a thoughtful response. i get where you’re coming from. thanks for taking the time to share your thinking. patriotism is an odd thing. i believe you can love our country, without agreeing with the reasons we go to war. i feel much like you do. but it doesn’t mean i think we both don’t love our country.

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