gratitude-a-thon day 147: new: small bites friday


And the gratitude-a-thon presents a new feature: Small Bites Friday: little gratitudes in a one sentence.

(p.s. not sure why, but my links don’t show up in another color, so you know they are links, but if you hover over the key words on most of these “bites,” you’ll find a link. I will get on this immediately, or at least before next friday.)

James Gandolfini is dead at 51. But Tony Soprano will live forever.

Kim & Kanye names their daughter North, making her full name North West. Makes me want to head South.

I will be on Martha’s Vineyard one week from today! It is one of my favorite places in the galaxy.

Hearing is magic.

Abercrombie & Fitch takes another hit, thanks to Taylor Swift fans. Yay!

Makeup and sunscreen. The marriage is a good one.

The weather in New England right now is pure bliss.

First Night in Boston is going out of business. I hope someone saves it.

The bad news: I have to say goodbye to my really pretty faucet today (which has been leaking a waterfall for a month and has been discontinued). The good news: The new faucet is not as pretty, but will not leak. (Freaking hallelujah!)

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