gratitude-a-thon day 179: small bites friday


I am still having awful tooth pain, but GRATITUDE to all the scientists who worked on making Hydrocodone and Advil. Without them, you’d hear me screaming through cyberspace.

Maybe Weiner could have a new career in meteorology?

As a frequent chicken eater, this article was really tasty, I mean, helpful.

He didn’t do much I liked when he was president, but this, THIS makes me love the guy.

I am not a huge “royal watcher,” but I found it absolutely adorable to see Kate and Will leave the hospital with George. Also, I loved that Kate was so willing to show off her post-baby bump, which I hid in a giant sweater and leggings when I left the hospital. She probably just helped millions of woman not to feel so bad about still looking preggers after having the baby.

I am ga ga over the song “One Love.” I can’t seem to get sick of it, but here’s a really gorgeous sort of extension by Mary Lambert, who sings the chorus. It’s perfect.

Saturday Night Live is funny, but it’s even funnier when the characters laugh, too.

I know I shouldn’t like the song “Blurred Lines,” but it’s the most perfect dance song ever. This is a pretty funny take-off though, especially for a dogophile, like moi.

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