gratitude-a-thon day 189: you don’t have to be young to be fabulous


I like the idea of breaking new ground as you get older. So, you can imagine how  much I loved this article entitled Nine Women Who Succeeded Later in Life. 

The baby boomers are doing everything longer and better than ever before. Why not think you can reinvent yourself at any age? What’s really to stop us, but fear (which is certainly a big red light, isn’t it though). I read a great quote yesterday, “The obstacle is the path.” That stopped me in my tracks. For like a whole five minutes, which for me, whose mind generally travels at the speed of sound from one thought to another, was like a decade in dog years. Every time you fail, it’s not a mistake, it’s part of your path. OHHHHHHH. I get it. Profound.

Gratitude to these ladies. And to anyone who isn’t 35 and embarks on something new. I say yes. I will try and follow in your footsteps.

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