gratitude-a-thon day 190: small bites friday


And it’s another edition of Small Bites Friday. Yum!

Yesterday, my friend Ron set up my new G4, which has been in the box in the corner of my office, since January. Wowza, this thing is billboard-sized awesome. Thanks, Ron. You are my man.

Sanjay Gupta changes his mind about weed. Hey, maybe he’s high.

You have to give it up to Robert and Doris Moody who have been married for 73 years. They eat one of my all time, highest ranked foods, pancakes everyday. And they’re 95 and 94. I’m getting out the Bisquick right now.

You can’t win if you don’t play, and I didn’t play or win, but this dude did. Congrats, man. Hope you have a blast spending it.

Learning something new is good for us. Cheese making, anyone?

I love when Target does a collaboration. This Phillip Lim looks like a good one. Here’s to affordable design for the masses, baby!

It’s not just another birthday, it’s another opportunity to eat more chocolate.

Another reason, the world should be going to the dogs. Loyalty. Gosh, I love them.