gratitude-a-thon: small bites friday


A melange of tiny little gratitudes because, ya know,  it’s Friday.

I am overwhelmed by the total sweetness of this video of a baby panda meeting her mom for the first time. This is like a 1,008 on the cuteness scale.

I didn’t even know these places existed, let alone that I should go see them.

I am reading the amazing Ernie Schenk’s book, The Houdini Solution. And dare I say, it’s magic.

New Series on BBC–Broadchurch. I’m loving it, not to mention dying to go to Dorset, where it’s filmed.

Man, I loved Chris Farley. I’m going to have to read this book.

The weather of the last week should be CANNED AND SOLD DURING NEW ENGLAND WINTERS.

The upcoming Target collaboration with Philip Lim looks amazing.

I am so grateful for Seth at my insurance company who really went above and beyond in getting me coverage for my lost/stolen watch. Thanks, Seth.

This is heavy, but lovely.

Jake doesn’t leave until September 8, but I’m watching some of the other kids leave, that I’ve known since they were teeny, and I’m  wishing  them all the best stuff there is as they embark on the exciting, drunken, enlightening years of college.

Downton Abbey preview. I simply CANNOT wait.

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