gratitude-a-thon day 199: a little getaway


I am visiting one of my besties at her family lake house on Lake Sunappe in New Hampshire. While  I have sea and sand running through my veins, I have to say, this place is really relaxing. And we’ve had a billion laughs, so that makes up for the lack of salt in the water.

Lakes are serene, while oceans provide a soundtrack of calm with their rhythmic in and out of water lapping at the shore. Lakes are rugged and outdoorsy, with all their manly pine trees. Oceans are sandy affairs with rocks and beach roses and dune grass and the smell of suntan lotion wafting through the air like sausage on Yawkey Way.

Mother Nature is one creative girl with her ability to express herself in so many different ways. Grateful for that. She makes me look like a slacker.

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