gratitude-a-thon day 200: new pencils


This is the time of year when school starting begins to become apparent and I feel the need for new pencils.

Actually, I feel the need for order. Complete and total orderliness. I guess that’s a way to tame my transition anxiety. And there has never been a bigger transitional year than this one. So, maybe I will get my house into tip top shape. I doubt it, but a girl can dream.

I don’t love cleaning. I love a clean house, and I love to make beauty where I live, but I’m a little bit of a hoarder and did I mention the three barnyard animals I live with? So, keeping things organized is sort of my job, and my job alone. And it’s too big for me. Plus, like I said, it’s not something I enjoy. I know you’re probably thinking, “Does ANYBODY enjoy cleaning?” But I know people who do. I know women who are really neat and keep things spotless and military regime orderly.  And they make me feel like a sloth. I have had a cleaning lady (who I LOVE) for 22 years (the same one) and she is part of our family. If I didn’t have her, my house would likely be condemned, and I would be shipped off to some sort of prison where messy mothers are taught how to use Windex. I should mention here that I make a lovely greeting card, and wrap a very nice gift, just so that you know that I’m not totally without skills.

Anyway, I am grateful that this year, I am just going to try and be nice to myself during this period before school and the big college departure takes place. I am going to try and put everything in its place, because I know that will bizarrely soothe me, while I step into this big change. So, as the leaves begin to morph from green to orange and yellow, I will be sharpening pencils (and hopefully not poking out my eyes with them).

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