gratitude-a-thon day 201: hot-dog legs

I say legs. You can see the little skin bumps on the right thigh.

Ok, you’re going to think this is ridiculous, because it is. IT IS RIDICULOUS. But last night, we were all hanging out together after dinner and Ally told us about this Facebook page called Hot-dog or Legs (although, I come to find out it’s actually called Hot-dog Legs, to be specific). I let out a howl, because it somehow really got up into my funny bone. Anyway, she showed it to me and I laughed even harder. I was doing my scream laugh, like I did when I saw Ellen Degeneres at The Orpheum.

Anyway, it’s on Tumblr, and it posts pictures of legs, or hot-dogs and you have to guess which. You may now be wondering about my A) intelligence B) sense of humor C) mental health, but I somehow I got totally caught up in this thing and actually could not stop myself from howling like a hyena. Not to mention, I was almost sure I could decipher the hotdogs from the legs every time, like a gosh darn expert (perhaps this will be my next career).

Here’s the thing, I just love that someone out there thought that was funny and went to the trouble of putting together a bunch of pictures. It’s absurd and bizarre and really, really creative. I love that in a world where crazy shit is happening all the time, somebody decided to create Hot-dog Legs. It’s perfect. It makes me want to dance.

Yeah, I’m going to check my meds right now, don’t worry.

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