gratitude-a-thon day 209: small bites friday

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You mean all that perfect marriage stuff wasn’t true between Khloe and Lamar? I thought it was a REALITY SHOW.

The story of one of the worst fonts out there. I vote it off the island, too.

Not a Calvin & Hobbes fan, but this is nicely done.

Were those sweat pants I slept in huddled under my covers last night?

Because you know, it’s too exhausting to eat your fries and your burger separately.

Lena Dunham. The best thing to happen to women’s body image since Spanx.

This is brilliant! Go Upworthy.

Broadchurch is a really good show. British accents get me every time.

Bryan Cranston is coming the A.R.T. getting tickets today. Definitely not “bad.”


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