gratitude-a-thon day 211: diana nyad’s cojones

long distance swimmer Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad. Has 64 ever looked better?

The resolve that this kick-ass woman had to make it from Cuba to Florida in jelly fish-infested water, without a shark cage,  is nothing short of miraculous. This was a 53 hour journey. I couldn’t even stay awake to watch, let alone swim.

She said, “It was difficult to breathe, but my resolve on this thing was deep. I just had this attitude of: it doesn’t matter what it is, find a way.” It doesn’t matter what it is, find a way. Those seems like some good words to live by.

As we prepare for Jake to leave for his first semester of college in Barcelona this Saturday, a much less physically demanding task than a 103 mile swim, (although the cleaning of his room is probably close), I will keep those words front and center in my mind and be grateful that there’s no risk a shark will bite me in the ass as I wave goodbye at the airport.

7 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 211: diana nyad’s cojones

  1. You are too funny, and so right!!! Cojones y tetas mas grande!!! So proud of this woman! And, 64?!!! Happiness and safe travels to Jake. I adored Barcelona! You will, too! Vamos!

    1. oh jeanne, thanks! it’s unnerving to let your kids go. but go, they must, as you well know! henry sounds like an adventurer. we’ll spend thanksgiving in barcelona. i can’t wait! thanks for the motherly support! xo

  2. Barcelona was fabulous! Great coffee (and Ham and olives and ice cream) — The boys and I spent a week there….Jake will love it – as will you. the architecture alone will blow your mind.

  3. joc–the pictures are almost too good to be true. what’s witht he dr. seuss-ish building? i’m just starting to read up on it. saw stef the other day. he and jake, the last to go.

  4. Oh Gaudi…Dr. Seuss is an apt comparison! Does Jake speak Spanish (with a lisp like all good Barthelonians?) Stef told me you saw him at KooKoo…I can’t believe I don’t have to drive to Brookline 2 or 3 times a day anymore (or make lunch, etc etc) happy/sad.

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