gratitude-a-thon day 212: i can wear what i want

Here’s what you typcially think of when you think of women in Iran. But things are changing.

I’m not Muslim. But if I was, I have to tell you, I would not be excited about the whole hijab situation. I like my hair. My face needs it. I don’t look good in a hat, or a scarf, or even a hairband. My nose looks even bigger than it already is when I have a head covering on. Believe me, I see the benefits–since it would save me money on haircuts and hair dye, and give me all that time I spend trying to tame my locks to do something more rewarding. But let’s be honest, no matter how much I believed in something, I am almost sure that I would not be able to abide by wearing something more than like a really nice piece of jewelry to show my devotion. I feel this same way about the ultra devout Orthodox tradition of women shaving their heads and wearing wigs. Forget it. I respect and admire anyone’s religious beliefs (as long as they don’t hurt others), but when it comes to having to toy with my looks, I believe in a good blow dryer and some subtle make-up.

Designers are paying attention and creating really beautiful hijabs that are anything but drab.

This is a great story about how women are wearing hijabs, but expressing themselves, too. Designers are finally bringing some style to the party. I mean, no reason to be so boring, right? Would you feel comfortable with an enforced dress code to fly your religious flag? Call me shallow, but I’m grateful I don’t have to think about it when I’m getting dressed. It’s hard enough to prevent people from shrieking when they see me, as it is!

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