gratitude-a-thon day 218: FaceTime

I used to watch Elroy with envy.

When I was little I fantasized about two things a lot. I daydreamed of flying–not in a plane, but in my body. I imagined the feeling of soaring around above the clouds, or maybe just below them, and voyeuristically watching the world’s activities,  while the freedom of flying through the air unaided engulged me.  That scenario seemed to me to be the ultimate in amazing. I sort of think my desire to be a bird, might have come from watching “The Jetsons” animated sitcom, which was about a family living in the year 2062.  I watched extra closely when they flew around with jet packs on their back, speeding from one place to another. While a funny little tv show is what probably propelled my obsession with flying,  it has been something I’ve  held onto, well, if I”m honest until this day.

obviousy, this is not me, but just look at that technology!

The second thing I lusted after was having a phone in which you could see the people you were talking to. I’m not sure why this felt so important, but I think it might have stemmed from the fact that both my sisters were in college and living on their own by the time I was 8. One of them went off to Europe after college, and I missed her tremendously, waiting by the mailbox for the thin wispy paper her information-filled letters would be on. Then she lived in Hawaii and California, so pictures sent in an envelope would be the only way I could see her face. My other sister was a traveler too, visiting faraway lands, and living  in New Haven, Seattle, California, New York and London. Again, the only way I could lay my eyes on her face was to see her in person, during a brief and too infrequent trip home, or hope for a photo via traditional mail.

So, while the flying thing does not appear to be on the horizon, although I have had one really good dream about it that gave me the exact feeling I had always imagined it would, seeing someone on the phone via the brilliance of Steve Jobs and FaceTime just allowed me to be awakened by my son’s face in his hew home in Barcelona! I even got to meet his Host Mom!

Although I imagined it would be all sorts of fun when I was little to see someone on the phone, it was a bajillion times better. Me gustaría expresar mi gratitud.

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