gratitude-a-thon day 228: now that’s a place to shop

Here’s the owner Joanne herself in her delightful shop. I don’t use that word too much, but there’s no other way of describing it. And guess what? She writes down five things she’s grateful for every night!

I interrupt my usual Small Bites Friday to share a great shopping experience I had yesterday. The thing is that  shopping has become so homogenized, it’s like living in Wellesley, there’s just no diversity. I love when someone puts together a collection that’s both intriguing and amusing. The mall-ization of America makes me feel despondent. What’s a girl to do? Well, for one thing, she can shop independent stores, where people go out of their way to actually carry things that can’t be found elsewhere. Those are my favorite kinds of places. I try to shop them as much as I can because not only do I like what they have better, but I also appreciate the fact that running a small business is a labor of love. You do it because you want to, you have to. And it shows.

Which brings me to yesterday and, Joanne Rossman, Purveyor of the Unneccassary and Irresitible ( This place is a find! Everything in this small and intimate store is great, including Joanne herself. This intelligent, stylish, and charming woman is not only interesting, she has stocked her shop with interesting stuff from all over the place. And has she got an eye! Perfectly displayed, beautifully edited, this is the place to kill your holiday list, or where to go for a pick-me-up during one of those days when nothing’s going right. From jewelry to cook books, Joanne-made hangers to one-of-a-kind paintings, John Derian to Patch NYC, there are loads of quirky finds in this perfectly appointed space.


I needed a 50th birthday gift for a friend and I couldn’t think of anywhere to go that everybody else wouldn’t also be going. Joanne’s shop is in Roslindale, so I hadn’t been since the end of the school year, but I thought this friend was worth the time. And I was right. I scored the ideal something something for someone who’s been on the style bus for five decades.

Soaps, candles, and all things delish.

If you’re tired of the so-so, the blah blah, or the same old, same old, head over to 6 Birch Street and treat yourself to a visit with Joanne Rossman and Rita Rose, her adorable dog, who has her own luxurious bed and has a charming snore. I’m pretty sure you’ll be grateful you did.


How cute is Rita Rose, not to mention her bed?

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