gratitude-a-thon day 228: a leg up on the competition: Jody Steel

Jody Steel’s leg. She takes doodling to a whole new place.
Jody at Starbuck’s last night. She’s really cute, and man can she draw.

Ok, so last night we were at The Abbey, and my friend Charlie says, “Hey, there’s the girl who draws on her leg. I just read about her in The Globe at your house.” We were all starving to actual death when he said this. Because the 20 minutes they told us it would take for our table to open up, turned into an hour and ouch, I thought he could be hallucinating from hunger. I had had enough to drink, and plus, I thought she might have some food, so my friend Deb and I went to see her leg and take a picture because I didn’t know much about the story, but I already liked it.

Into Starbucks we walk, and there was only one table filled, so I’m thinking she’s left, but I see a girl and I look at her leg and there it is, an intricate drawing of a man’s face, on an adorable girl’s thigh! “Hey, were you in The Globe today?” I ask, but really could there be another girl who draws on her leg out there? She was slightly taken aback, but friendly, as we gawked at her thigh, and I told her about the gratitude-a-thon and that I’d like to write a post about her. She was cool and gave me her email so she could read it. Her name is Jody Steel. She’s an Emerson College student. She’s from Florida. She wants to work in film design and production, but clearly she should be an illustrator in my humble opinion. She takes pictures of all her leg drawings on her phone, before she washes them off. As it turns out, she’s all over the internet. She’s received a bunch of job offers from her leggy art press. And lastly, she is fucking talented.

This is the kind of thing that I LOVE, that I’m so grateful for. It’s someone’s passion so big, it’s spills out all over, in this case, all over a body part. It’s interesting, quirky and totally off the beaten path. It’s everything that’s magical and good about life. Creativity expressed in a brand new way. It’s the sensibility that I live for. I hope Jody keeps drawing on her leg. Of course, any surface she touches will be lucky to have her.

4 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 228: a leg up on the competition: Jody Steel

  1. Come oon.. this may be fake, you can make this using photoshop or apps such as Tatto Maker., you can download it in Google Store..

    1. this is not fake. in the boston globe article, one of her teachers talks about how she does it in class, so obviously this prof has seen her. it’s ink. i looked closely and touched her. students and teachers alike watch her do it in classes at emerson college. not fake.

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