gratitude-a-thon day 229: life is really good

If you missed The Life is Good Festival this year, don’t miss it next year. There’s gratitude in the freakin’ air there.


Blue skies instead of rain. The kind of Fall night that requires a cozy sweater. A big ‘ol moon in the sky. And Jack Johnson on stage at The Life is Good Festival at Prowse Farm. Grateful, grateful, grateful.

The Life is Good Festival is like the best awesome end of summer party you’ve ever been to. There’s music all over the place. Games and activities for kids. And positive vibes humming through the air so thick, they can’t be ignored.

Local Needham boys, Bert & John Jacobs, who began Life is Good in the 80’s by selling t-shirts and living in a van. Fast forward to a $100 million dollar company. But here’s the best thing about these two guys–they don’t just sell positivity on a grand scale, they give back. The Festival raises money for their Life is Good Kids Foundation, which provides funds that go to various kid-centric charities.

The famous collaborator of Jack Johnson, Banana Pancake singer, Lily Walsh.

My friend Charlie grew up with Bert & John and I got to meet Bert last night, as Peter and I were treated to the VGP area (stands for “Very Good People”) for those who fundraise. Down to earth (although not close to earth, this guy must be 6’5), he and his brother were walking through the crowd shaking hands and giving out hugs–the ultimate hosts. I can’t imagine a better way to run a company.

I am not at all sure what my husband is doing in this photo.
Deb and I waiting for Jack. He was worth every second of standing.



I missed the Emmy’s, but Jack Johnson was absolutely worth it. The sound was great, and his set was really smooth from start to finish. In a pre-game meet and greet, my friend Lily got to sing Banana Pancakes with Jack. Which meant, she pretty much watched the concert from cloud nine.

I love this event. I love the mission of this company. Sorry Modern Family.

I got nuthin’ but respect for these guys, Bert & John Jacobs, owners of Life is Good. They throw a slammin’ party.

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