gratitude-a-thon day 234: grabbing for the light

Crooked Coast last night. My favorite song was Loose Tooth.

Last night I saw the band Crooked Coast. Yes, the median age of the people I saw it with was 25, and I am more than double that. Yes, it brought me back to college, where I might go to a small venue/bar to see a band. And yes, I was the old lady dancing in the crowd.

My sister’s very close friends were in Boston to to see Crooked Coast, because their son is the frontman of the band. Luke is adorable and has a face that makes you feel like the sun just came out. Which is exactly like his parents. I have known them for like three decades now, and it would be hard to find people who are as lovely and warm as Jane and John. They live in the most beautiful part of Woods Hole, called Gansett Point, and maybe it’s where the band’s name came from, because the house is on a craggy bit of spectacular coastline. It was here that Peter and I spend a night, early in our relationship, and that we still think of often, with goo goo eyes.

John and Jane had four beautiful kids, but Wes, their youngest, was killed last November in a terrible car accident. He was 22.  I can’t even discuss the pain of this situation, because it’s not something you can even touch with any words I know, but what I’ll say is they’ve handled it with a grace I am not sure I possess. There is much more I could talk about here, but I won’t. Suffice to say that seeing Luke last night, so filled with music and energy and youthful beauty, with his parents dancing to the beat, a permanent smile in their eyes, made me want to split open with happy. I guess life goes on, even after such unspeakable sadness. It just keeps moving forward with the force of a college marching band (don’t you always feel like they’d plow you down if you were in the way). Was their dancing proof that  both sadness and joy can peacefully co-exist? I imagine you never stop feeling the searing pain, but last night I saw two people who were able to move to the rhythm of happiness, too.

Singer/songwriter, Luke Vose of Crooked Coast. Isn’t he adorable?

Crooked Coast was great. A little bit reggae, a little bit rock. I am a fan, and now have my CD in the car, where I will play it until my family tells me to throw it out the window (because that’s how I am with music. I play it until it’s in my DNA and nobody around me can stand one more listen).

So massively grateful to have seen Jane and John last night, and their talented rock star son, Luke. Grateful they’ve been able to navigate the roughest waters that exist. Not without overpowering sadness, but with the kind of peace that allows the happy to be experienced. Luke gets married next weekend. He was a little freckled faced boy, scampering about at my wedding, and finally falling asleep with his brother and sister under some coats (one of my best wedding pictures). Who knows what life will bring on, all we can do is know it’s important to keep grabbing for the light.

2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 234: grabbing for the light

  1. Toni,
    I just found this in my overloaded email.
    Yes, yes, yes. you get it and you can write it! Thank you, Darling.
    xo Jane

    1. The wedding pics were stunning. Joan had video that made me feel like I was there. Beautiful bride and groom. Love what you wore. Rainbow dresses, amazing food. Loved the flowers. xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxooxoxoxo

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