gratitude-a-thon: day 233: small bites friday


My sister Joni is unexpectedly visiting because a dear friend is gavely ill. Not happy about the friend, but so darn thrilled I get to see her!

Two days ago, a friend and I saw Museum of Fine Arts Exhibit, She Who Tells a Story, a collection of photographs from 12 leading women photographers from Iran and the Arab world, including our friend Rania Matar, who was there to see it with us. It is beautiful, and brilliant. And so is she. You should go.

Let’s here it for Matt Labrum, Union, Utah’s football coach who suspended his entire team for cyber bullying. Score.

Wendy Davis, the fillibuster queen of Texas, who stood in pink sneaks for more than 12 hours to block a statewide abortion restriction, is running for Governor. She’d have my vote, alright.

BHS girls Varsity soccer beat Weymouth yesterday, 2, zip! Go Warriors!

Brookline foodies, celebrate! Rifrullo Cafe, at the site of the beloved Sealey’s is up and running. And aside from the awesome fresh and flavorful fare, the place is totally gorgeous! I have had two nights of take out already and it’s absolutely delish! This is a smashing addition to the hood. Go today. Like me, you’ll want to go again tomorrow. To owner, Colleen Suhanosky, thanks for making my life better!

The light around 6 everyday is so spectacular that I want to squeal with delight, but I fear someone would mistake me for a pig.

I watched Michael J. Fox’s new show last night, and aside from the discomfort I felt over his obvious Parkinson’s, I laughed at the great writing. Good show, brave and talented dude.

If Riley doesn’t start watching what he eats, he could end up at a doggy gym. Roll over.

Sometimes you buy something and it’s just not right. Check out these retailers with great return policies.  Makes me want to go shopping right now.

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