gratitude-a-thon day 247: small bites friday


Rifrullo gluten free chocolate cookie. Awesomosity in food form.

My sister Joni was here for a week. I wish she lived here again. I wish it so hard.

Organization for the Prohibition of Global Chemical Weapons wins Nobel Peace Prize.  Thanks for the work you do, guys.

Harvey Milk gets a stamp. Makes me want to write a letter.

It was so great to see my friend Deb Lucke for the past two days. i miss her insane talent and wit. Check out her website. And then hire her as an illustrator. She is a creative superstar.

People, not things, bring happiness. Apparently, I’m really rich!

If you’re trying to drop some Lb’s, it’s your motivation that carries the weight and not your willpower.

Call it silly, call it unrealistic. But I love the relationship between Olivia and Fitz on Scandal.

I want to read Elizabeth Smart’s story. I mean how did she live through this and turn out so seemingly normal?

I’m obsessed with paint colors. Mmmmmm, Farrow & Ball.

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