gratitude-a-thon day 266: small bites friday


The Cardinals lost, but Mike Matheny wins every time he looks in the mirror. That dude is hot.

Listen to what this Yankees fan has to say about our boys. Pigs are about to fly.

And in other sports news, wow, just wow. And you thought junior high school boys were selfish.

Duck boats are ready. Red Sox parade through Boston tomorrow. Quack, Quack.

I cannot believe this girl is nine. Listen up.

Let’s hear it for the Austin Firefighters. Woof!

I broke the root of one of my teeth and have to have it pulled in an hour. I am hoping the dentist has caught up on his Sox sleep deprivation.

Whether he’s Woody’s son or Old Blue Eye’s offspring, Ronan Farrow is one smart and talented guy.

I am so impressed by a artistic pumpkin carving. it’s hard to get through that skin!

One of the zillion reasons i hate winter is because of the lack of flowers. My new idea–I’m going to focus on next year.



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