gratitude-a-thon day 276: random acts of humanness

Long may he reign!

I was a sick kid. Nothing too serious, but enough so that I spent a lot of time in bed with high fevers, home from school and away from my friends, sort of confused as to why I wasn’t like everybody else. I had something wrong with my urinary tract, which resulted in procedures and surgeries and hospitalizations and a steady diet of antibiotics. And just when that was resolved, I developed bad boy tonsils, which caused strep throat every other week. More missed school, more seclusion, more antibiotics. So, even when I got better, those antibiotics wiped out my immune system to the point of being able to catch every cold, flu, or virus that passed through my airstream. Even now, don’t call me when you’re sick, I can catch it through the phone.

Me, in a rare moment of not being sick.

Anyway, I remember thinking, back then, as a sick kid, that if anything really bad happened to me, people would help me. That like people in my town, the country, the world would do whatever was necessary to help make me better, to save me. It was like this feeling embedded in my chest area, that I would be taken care of. I can’t quite imagine why or how I developed this thought. But it was something that made me feel secure, that gave me confidence that if I got really, really sick, I would be saved (spend all that time alone and you get a little freaky, I guess).

Anyway, this Batkid story, from San Fransisco made me remember this feeling I had of thinking the world would go to great lengths to take care of me. To say I love this story, and every person involved in making this boy feel special, and strong and bold would not even touch the deep way it’s moved me. This is the part of our humanness that we need to nurture and exploit more. This is the kind of story that means we aren’t doomed. Watch out Riddler. This is the sort of act that means we are all capable of better, just like I thought when I was the sick girl. You go Batkid. You just may have what it takes to save the world.

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