gratitude-a-thon day 286: thank you very much


Hola, I mean hello. I am still on Barcelona time and language!

I found this article called “7 Ways to Boost Your Gratitude” this morning, and well, I’m grateful for it. This is a good one. I particularly like the say thank you part. This is such an easy peasy thing to do. I don’t think I recognized that it was a gratitude booster, but I always do it. I am always meaningfully thankful to the guys who fill my car with gas, sales help who really help me, anybody who waits on me in any kind of restaurant. These are not necessarily jobs that are fulfilling or simple. And having been a waitress once upon a time, I know how difficult it can be “to serve” people, since some people are so gosh darn miserable and narcissistic .

Anyway, as the holiday insanity falls upon us, I’m going to try and be more present and more grateful, so as not to get loco, ooooops, there goes the spanish again, during what I want to be a family and friends time, and not a mental hospital time.


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