gratitude-a-thon day 287: the 570 train accident

That train derailment in the Bronx really freaked me out yesterday. And I could relate, because back in 1981, I was actually in a train accident myself ( Yeah, I know, “Who gets into a train accident?” you’re asking. Me. Me and my boyfriend, who spent the day at Singing Beach, the summer after I graduated from B.U. is who.

It was really weird. We were chugging along normally and then we heard a hugely loud noise and we all lurched forward and then our entire car started to laugh. It was such a strange response, but everything was very surreal from then on in. I imagine only a minute or two went by before one of the conductors, blood on his shirt, came in to say, we needed to get off the train as soon as possible, we’d hit something.

We all filed out, and not knowing where to go, we wound up in  people’s backyards. There wasn’t anyone directing us, but I remember looking back and seeing the first car up in the air on top of another train and I knew that some people must be dead.

I actually didn’t think it would be on the internet, because it was so long ago, but here’s the train I was in. So lucky to have picked a car in the back of the train, and not in the front.

Scott and I had no idea what to do. We were in Beverly Farms and while loads of emergency people were coming to the scene, nobody was creating a plan for the hundreds of stranded passengers. I called my sister Susan and told her what happened, and asked if she’d make the trip to pick us up. She said no, she was busy, and I explained we literally had no other way to get back to the city. I did some begging, and she finally said yes. When she got to Beverly Farms, she apologized profusely and told us it was all over the news, and brought us little bottles of like Jack Daniels, to calm our nerves. I don’t think we drank them, but both of us were really thrown.

Three people died in the accident, and there were injuries, but it obviously could have been much, much worse. I had a hard time for years after than whenever I would be on the T and it would stop underground, just imagining that another train might hit us from the back. It was creepy, and I still get it once in a while, whenever I ride the T, which isn’t a whole lot anymore. Anyway, an ugly trip down memory lane for me yesterday. But remembering that beach day 32 years ago, and that I walked away from a train wreck, always makes me grateful and also makes me think I must be in some crazy odds pool for getting into like a plane accident, since I was already in a train accident. Yep, this is how my mind works. And I’m grateful for that, too.

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