gratitude-a-thon day 300: small bites friday


Christian Bale in American Hustle.

Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle.

Amy Adams in American Hustle.

David freaking O’Russell.

Enough with American Hustle. But this is the one to beat. It’s a truly exceptional movie.

Grateful? I fell on black ice last night (after guess what movie?) and did not break anything. Phew!

Why? Because it’s hysterical.

Apparently it’s in the genes. See LeBron’s kids dunk. Maybe my kids will wrap a nice gift?

“Get off the computer.” But mom, I’m just honing my motor skills.

As if Florida doesn’t have it going on with the weather, the cops are nice (sometimes) too.

Hey, I LOVE OPRAH’S “WHERE ARE THEY NOW” SHOW. I am a sucker for a set up like this. Anyway, check out this great follow up on Khadijah Williams, who was homeless and went to Harvard.

Ok, I have my wrapping theme for next Christmas.

Good teenage daughter advice (and who couldn’t use some of that).

Seriously, AS IF GEORGE ISN’T PERFECT ENOUGH, here you go.

What a great commercial.

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