gratitude-a-thon day 350: small bites friday


My new favorite billboard.

Sounds like the government has alzheimer’s when it comes to alzheimers. Kudos to Seth Rogan for speaking out.

With the Academy Awards coming up (THIS SUNDAY, FASHION ALERT!), I’m wondering if anyone will be sporting one of these

If you are gluten free, or you just like really good tasting stuff in your mouth, make this. No really, stop what you’re doing and make it this minute.

How’d the Dalai Lama get so smart?

Ok, Marc Jacobs, way to make us old girls feel pretty.

Yeah, Um, NO.

Spring: Only 21 days away.

This is creepy, but in that way that makes you look.Please don’t make me stand with my old permed self.

Step this way. Sex and the shoe designer.

Because by now, you know what always gets me.

2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 350: small bites friday

  1. Have you made that bread??? it looks hard to make (she says whining) – and someone in the comment section said they threw up afterwards? Must have a sensitivity to something. Did you have to go to whole foods for this: psyllium seed husks???

    1. no, but i’ve had it a bunch of times at rifrullo in brookline, the cutie cafe that’s replaced the sealey’s on cypress–you should go. it’s relish-o-rama. i particularly like it with raisins and cinnamon, which i had only once, but thought made it even better, although it’s pretty heavenly as is. it is said to be insanely easy to make. i’ll let you know, but it’s worth it. xo

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