gratitude-a-thon day 354: Music legends on a cold winter night

At 62 and 72, this was a night to feel good about being over 50.

Yesterday was cold. That bone chilling cold you can’t kill with clothes. It was like being inside the ice cube tray of your freezer, if your freezer still had ice cube trays (which mine does because our stupid Viking fridge has a broken ice maker and we can’t find anyone to fix it because it’s 10 years old. I know, who buys a Viking fridge, right? Well, my husband’s mid-life crisis wasn’t buying a hot red sports car, but instead having a 48′ side by side and Sub Zero didn’t make one, so there it is, but I digress).  But last night, I got warm. I got hot, in fact. Inside the energy and insanely happy vibes of the TD Garden. Paul Simon and Sting were playing together and if you needed to generate some heat last night, this was the place.


Paul Simon is still crazy after all these years. But better than that, he’s still singing really well after all these years. The guy is 72 and he doesn’t sound great for 72, he just plain sounds GREAT. And Sting, one decade younger, is still at the top of his game, not to mention super sexy. This was an AARP moment, if ever there was one. With both their bands taking up the entirety of the stage, and incredibly amazing, I might add, this was a festival of favorites. Music you grew up with, if you’re my age. And for me, it was an all out smile-a-thon.

No shitty band that you don’t want to see warming up the audience, just Paul and Sting and their troops hitting the stage at 8 and playing for 2 hours and 40 minutes. And there was no lack of energy or waste of time. Hit after hit filled that place, rocking the Celtics banners, but good.

Both these guys have some major anthems that you know, unless you’ve been cloistered in a basement with earplugs and locked in a sound proofed room for the last 35 years (and good God I hope that’s not the case for any of you). They sang together and apart. Sting paid homage to Paul, by saying that as a song writer, “He simply has no peer,” We got “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic,” “Message in a Bottle,” “Roxanne,” “Fields of Gold”  an “Englishman in New York,” from him, to name a few. And Paul told us that he tried to play things people were most familiar with and then he did, going from “Boy in the Bubble” as an open with Sting to “Me & Julio,” “Still Crazy After All These Years,” “The Boxer,” Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes,” “You can Call Me Al,” “Mother & Child Reunion,” and one of my most favorite of all, “Hearts and Bones.” And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, there were plenty more from both of these legends.

This was not a particularly young crowd, so there wasn’t a lot of shaking it in my area, and after seat dancing for most of the concert, I just out and out stood up and grooved alone in the crowd. As one of my best friends in the world was laying in bed at Mass General after having her hip replaced earlier in the day, I thought embarrassment be damned, I’m doing this because Deb can’t.

This was the perfect antidote to this endless winter. It reminded me that warmer days were ahead and gave me a complete feel good jolt of energy. “And it was late in the evening, and I blew that room away.”

2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 354: Music legends on a cold winter night

  1. Hearts & Bones repeat repeat repeat on the cd carousel! Graceland, Born at the Right Time, +++ it’s all gold. Both men possess haunting & soothing voices & lyrics. Paul & Sting – an exhilarating combo – it’s killing me I missed but so grateful you shared. m xoxo

    1. i wish you’d seen it. it was really a bit of magic. i didn’t want to go, because as it turned out it was the night of deb’s surgery, but glad i did, because it really gave me some much needed fortification!

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