gratitude-a-thon day 355: the totally hippest


One of the best friends that I’ve ever had in my whole life had her hip replaced on Monday. Years of daredevil activity and competitive athletics chipped away at that thing until it wouldn’t work anymore, or let her sleep, or walk properly. She was in a bunch of pain and stoic that she is, she just kept hobbling around and hoping it would get better, until finally three doctors told her she needed a whole new situation in there.

She’s doing really well. I watched her walk yesterday, all 5’2 of her in her little hospital gown!  And I realized how worried I’d been and how relieved I felt and how fucking grateful I was for a medical procedure that can replace a whole big joint that allows you to walk. I’ve been down this path before: my husband has two titanium hips where his real hips used to be. In another time and place, the both of them would have been in shiny wheelchairs and I would have been pushing them around. Gratitude to whoever the hell invented this surgery. It’s a damn good one.

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