gratitude-a-thon day 358: small bites friday


My friend Bob, did a story on the preserving the marathon memorial in Copley Square for WBZ, and guess who he interviewed?! I’m about 30 seconds into the video.

In other news, it’s cold. AGAIN.

Tomorrow night, Lena Dunham is hosting Saturday Night Live. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Good stuff on creative people.

They aren’t dogs or babies, but still.

I particularly like the two presidents having sex.

My poor boy Riley was diagnosed with Lyme disease last week, but is finally starting to feel a little better. Big woof to the inventor of antibiotics.

Grateful to all those moms who came to the high school to paint for the After the Prom Party last night. Flower Power.

I heard a rumor that it’s going to be 40 this weekend. I’m thinking of going to the beach.

Ally lost her phone. It tracks to a house on Cypress Street. Please return it, the whining is killing me.

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