gratitude-a-thon day 364: small bites friday


This isn’t exactly a gratitude, it’s just a question, WHERE IS THE FUCKING PLANE? This is what I think, in case anybody cares, and nobody should, since I have no aviation knowledge whatsoever, except for that I don’t think it makes any sense that those things stay in the air to begin with. I think that the plane was hijacked by terrorists, and on the way to doing whatever they were going to do with it, the pilots or passengers put up a fight, and the plane crashed. I don’t know where but that’s what I think. Here’s where the New Yorker comes down on the issue.

I’m really grateful to my art director partner and friend Stephanie Zelman. She is talented and all that, but she is so good to me. All the time. No matter what. And I love her for it.

YES!  No limits, baby.

Nice article on tv finales. And we know I love me some good tv.

Best use of Facebook. And in Massachusetts, yet! Love.

More good closet storage solutions.

Scandal: yeah, OMG, indeed.

I love anything Jackie O. These photos, included.

Right now it’s 18, but tomorrow will be 54. Migraine alert.

So grateful for all the messages from friends about the passing of my awesome uncle Louie. I am very, very sad. Your thoughts and love make me feel better. Thank you. A lot.

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