gratitude-a-thon day 355: when a backpack is just a backpack


Last night I was Krazy glued to NECN which was reporting on the backpack incident. The backpack incident happened after the amazing Norden brothers, who each lost a leg in the bombings last April 15, had just completed walking the marathon route, which moved me to tears (btw, EVERYTHING moved me to tears yesterday). Anyway, in the midst of the brothers and their feat (and their feet), suddenly the report turned into a report about a big hunk of Boylston Street closing and two backpacks left under the photographer’s bridge at the finish line. I watched like a mummy, not being able to move, except to check My brain couldn’t comprehend the idea that anything more than a forgetful person could be behind the backpack incident, and yet, I froze (an interesting choice of words for a morning with snow on the ground–IT’S APRIL 16 AND THERE IS SNOW ON THE GROUND, but i digress) as I watched the bomb squad, and then on, a video of a man parading down Boylston Street in what could only be described as a selection from Morticia Adams’ new Prom Collection, (click the aliciaanskisrd instagram video for full runway effect) and who was reported to have been taken into custody in association with the packs (and for all I know, his choice of wardrobe). Veiled and prancing barefoot, this guy did indeed carry an oversized backpack. My mind raced. Could it possibly be something? 

The bomb squad detonated the packs and the incident seemed peacefully, although unsettlingly resolved. This morning it’s reported that the packs held rice cookers filled with confetti. A joke? I don’t think anybody anywhere would find that even mildly amusing. Jeez, I’m grateful those packs contained nothing more. I guess it will be a long time before the once de riguerr school accomplice will ever be innocently lying anywhere without all of us eyeing it suspiciously. Especially if you’re anywhere near the hallowed ground of the Boston Marathon’s finish line.

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