gratitude-a-thon day 356: childhood really DOES go by fast


I remember people used to say to me when I had little kids, “Enjoy it, it goes fast.” I’m pretty sure that this little phrase was said  to me in the neighborhood of like 82,347 times. I didn’t like it. I practically rolled my eyes. And I didn’t really believe it, because that’s how I am when you wake me up every night for four years. Anyway, of course, when my kids finally did, as promised, quickly, become young adults, I began my own quest to let people know that they should grasp the experience, because what everybody says is true, it goes by in a blink. The mom’s always look at me bleary eyed and tired enough to fall asleep standing, and I can tell they don’t believe me any more than I believed the mom’s who tried to tell me. Just one of life’s little ironies. We humans don’t believe anything unless we go through it ourselves. It’s a damn shame.

Anyway, they (and me and everybody you know) say it goes fast, but here’s a little video of it actually doing just that. Proof! Nice work, dad.

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