gratitude-a-thon day 358: Run, Dan, Run!

Here’s my friend Dan. He’ll be running for the first time. If you see him, give him an extra clap!

Today is for candy and ham and friends (happy Easter), but tomorrow is the Boston marathon for those of you who don’t know (and you must live in an ancient civilization if you don’t know, because this thing has been on every newsstand, news show and news app there is).  Shouting it out to my friend Dan who is running for the first time. He’s raising money for our town’s teen center. I’m sort of crazy thrilled, for him. I’ve always wanted to run Boston, been a little obsessed with Boston,  but my back, which started giving me trouble senior year of college, gave me a thumbs down, so it’s really fun to experience a friend do it. He has been having a ball with the whole thing. Last year he was signed up to run,  but then promptly broke his ankle. So, this year, he and his rehabbed ankle went out and trained and boom, tomorrow he will be killing heartbreak hill.  He even made it onto the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. GO, DAN!

Dan is in the lower left corner. Pretty cool to make it to the cover of S.I.

And speaking of the marathon, Mark Fucarile, the bombing survivor who was the last to leave the hospital got married this week. At Fenway Park, no less. Way to go. Gratitude for so much happy.



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