gratitude-a-thon day 357: sick as a dog

Riley’s new weight loss diet: get a haircut. I swear he’s lost 10 pounds.

More evidence that having a dog is one of the secrets to getting your happy on. While i have been sick all week and had to miss the Billy Joel concert in NYC last night because after getting up and all ready yesterday morning, I almost fell asleep while getting a last minute manicure, which made me realize that I would not make it Madison Square Garden and that the piano man would have one less fan to sing to, I did get some very good news about my boy Riley, which I tried to focus on last night while I drown my sorrows in bed with the pappardelle from Pomodoro.

Advised to see a neurologist at Angell, to see if Riley had a neck issue, I struggled through, sick, while my husband was traveling, to the appointment that took three weeks to get, and kept me waiting for an hour. Anyway, the vet, who oddly never looked me in the eye, did not think Riley had any type of neck issue and that he very likely just had Lyme. We agreed to re-treat him for said Lyme because his protocol was for a larger dose of antibiotics than my vet’s. I agreed, because why not be 100% sure that miserable disease is gone. Anyway, if I felt better, this would have given me reason to throw a city wide parade. I’ve been so worried about my dog. And have had visions of him becoming paralyzed from a possible disc issue in his neck and surgery and well, we know I have a fertile imagination.

Anyway, as I lay miserable in bed last night, Riley was begging for food, and barking at his toy basket, just like the old days (he hadn’t done this in months). While i’m sick, HE’S BETTER. And that’s almost as good as me not being sick.

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