gratitude-a-thon day377: another sunny day


It’s positively alien to wake up everyday and know it will be great weather. That’s the way it is here in Miami. Of course I’ve been on dozens of warm weather vacations to Islands that are like this in the past, but this is different because my sister Joni is actually living here, so it’s real. What a concept, not having to consider a pagan ritual for a sunny day, not praying to the Gods for some warmth, not turning on all the lights in your house and blasting the heat to pretend it’s summer (stop judging). You just get out of bed, look outside, and there it is, sun, warmth, happiness.

We New Englanders are in a perpetual conversion about the weather. What it’s doing, what it’s going to do, what it just did. But here, nobody even mentions it. It’s a given that the weather will be nice. Wow. What a fucking concept.

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