gratitude-a-thon day 2069: weather


It’s Saturday morning and I am sprawled out on the couch on my patio under a blanket looking up at the perfectly blue sky. God, it’s vast. The sun is large and in charge and there is the most gorgeous cool breeze rustling through the trees, making a soothing, calming sound that if you could package, you could sell as natural valium in the vitamin/beauty products aisle at Whole Foods. This would be part of my presidential platform–to create this weather 365 days a year (hey, it’s seems about as realistic as gun reform at this point, so why not shoot for the stars).

In centuries past, the weather had a huge impact on people’s livelihoods and productivity, i.e. farmers and their crops. But for me it has a huge impact on my mood. A day like this is everything good. A day like this brings on gratitude from every pore.



gratitude-a-thon day 1065: perfect weather


Yesterday was the perfect weather day that we Bostonians literally wait for just like a dog waits at the door for his owner to come home. Pant, pant, pant, we pull out waterproof boots (and hope they’re really waterproof), zip up the down sleeping bag coat and put a hat on that covers our ears and slips too easily over our eyes in preparation for a day like yesterday. We suffer through flash flooding, our phones going off to let us know we might soon need to get our scuba gear on. We brave cold temps, frozen roads and wind that could remove our eyelashes from our lids (and I’m talking our real eyelashes) just to get a day like yesterday (and it looks like today, too).

The clear air (humidity on vacay down South), the Caribbean blue water sky, the sun hitting everything at just the right angle. This is why we stand the rest of it, for this day, these days, where the weather is so sublime, it nourishes our souls in preparation for the other 362 days a year.

Yes, it would be nice to live somewhere the weather was more like this everyday, but then a day like yesterday wouldn’t stand out, rule the world, glitter like 1,988,210,934  disco balls, would it?

gratitude-a-thon day 718: was a sunny day

Waking up to a gentle rain. I thought it was going to be sunny again today, so I’m surprised. Yesterday was one of the top 10 most perfect days of weather ever. EVER. I kept thinking, what if I lived someplace that was like this every day? There was such a nice freedom to yesterday. I took the dog to the dog park with a friend and let him run. I went to yoga. I painted a table. I opened the windows. I made pizza for dinner. It was Columbus Day, so the ordinarily cray cray traffic wasn’t happening, and the people who were around were happy, on account of the glow-orious weather. I keep trying to remember that if you only ate dessert everyday, you’d really want some steak. (of course, I don’t believe it). A free day like yesterday, so sunny, and clear, and well, perfect, reminds you that such bliss exists. That you can’t have it all the time, unless you chose a better place to live than I did, reminds you to take in happiness when it’s there. I put yesterday in a mason jar to warm me up during the you-know-what (winter).

gratitude-a-thon day377: another sunny day


It’s positively alien to wake up everyday and know it will be great weather. That’s the way it is here in Miami. Of course I’ve been on dozens of warm weather vacations to Islands that are like this in the past, but this is different because my sister Joni is actually living here, so it’s real. What a concept, not having to consider a pagan ritual for a sunny day, not praying to the Gods for some warmth, not turning on all the lights in your house and blasting the heat to pretend it’s summer (stop judging). You just get out of bed, look outside, and there it is, sun, warmth, happiness.

We New Englanders are in a perpetual conversion about the weather. What it’s doing, what it’s going to do, what it just did. But here, nobody even mentions it. It’s a given that the weather will be nice. Wow. What a fucking concept.