gratitude-a-thon day 386: when someone is rude, find someone who is nice

I had an awful meter maid ruin my day yesterday. She deserves a ticket for bad behavior.

So yesterday I had to do some stuff in Brookline Village and I got an ace spot in front of Starbucks, but I didn’t have any change for the meter. Now normally, I’d just have left the car for the two minutes it was going to take me to run to the bank for quarters, but there was a meter maid two cars behind me chatting it up with a guy in a truck and a woman standing outside the truck. So, I politely went over and said “Excuse me, that’s my car right there and I’m just running to the bank for quarters.” She shot me a glance and in her snarkiest tone said, “It takes dimes and nickels, too.” Which of course, I knew. I’ve lived here for 21 years. I have stuck everything into the meter, but monopoly money, so no need for an education on what the meter will eat. I began to walk away, and looked back to say I didn’t have any dimes or nickels, and found the three of them mocking me, and rolling their eyes. I sort of couldn’t believe it, and it so incensed me that I politely went back and opened my wallet and said, “I only have pennies.” Miss Meter, again, in her I-dont-believe-you-tone responded, “Yeah, yeah, fine.”

I found this so uncalled for, that I was ready to march over to the Traffic Department and complain. Except for I didn’t have time, and secretly I was afraid she’d then look for my car all over town, and ticket me the minute my meter ran dry. I’m grateful that Mary, the manager at Zoots let me vent about my encounter, and was totally sympathetic. She’s exactly the opposite of the meanie maid. Every time I pick up my dry cleaning, she is crazy nice and we always share at least one good giggle together. So, instead of complaining about that miserable and completely unprofessional meter maid, I called Mary this morning and told her that instead of dialing up the Traffic Department,  I wanted to call her boss to tell him what a great employee she is, and how she is always spectacularly nice. She said it made her day. And it’s going to make mine, too. I hope that small minded meter maid can’t find even one empty meter today.

2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 386: when someone is rude, find someone who is nice

  1. I have often called “the boss” to compliment a job well done and to tell them about the great service I received. It is amazing to watch or listen for a delayed response as if they can’t really process what you are saying. There is usually silence in the phone or a blank stare. Their brains are locked and ready to deal with a problem that include the words, dissatisfied, or angry. Finally they say “thank you, you made my day.” I do this once a year at Trader Joes. They are so thrown off, I think they think I’m crazy. I probably am.

    1. when i called, that’s exactly what happened. it’s like it didn’t compute. she paused, I elaborated and finally, it sunk in and she said,” that’s so nice that you called. i’ll make sure mary gets the recognition. wow, that’s so nice.” people just don’t expect to be praised. we should try t change that.

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