gratitude-a-thon day 385: the balancing act

I feel like I’m teetering on the top of this pile, trying hard to stand on it gracefully like a ballerina, and not fall off it like a rag doll.

I get overwhelmed when I have too much going on. My head gets spinny with snippets of stuff I must accomplish in time frames that are completely impossible. My sleep is invaded by lists a marathon long, and sudden panic about a deadline that just might get missed. My teeth clench, my shoulders wilt forward, my leg bobs up and down with nervous energy.

But, instead of giving into the ghastly feeling of an overflowing plate, I’m trying to tame the beast by doing something really simple. Taking one step at a time. Doing my best (because as I’ve always told my kids, you can’t do better than that), and moving forward. Maintaining sanity, seeking serenity, and getting some exercise and healthy food during an overbooked period can also help.

Grateful to be busy. Busy is good. And even more grateful to figure out a way to balance without falling off the top of my “to do” list.

3 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 385: the balancing act

  1. I repeat my therapist’s mantra: I am doing this one thing now, this one thing now is what I am doing. It does actually slow my roll — because as you and I know – is there anything more stressful than PR/advertising? I become paralyzed some days and am unable to do anything — and that doesn’t help…clients want all of our attention all of the time don’t they. I don’t have my boys around which leaves me with more time but magically that time was filled up with work!

    1. i have a full on client list right now of work, and i am overseeing the design of the after the prom party (co-chair), which is a truck load of work. i like your therapist’s mantra. and that’s really the deal, just making like nike and doing it. thanks for keeping me company! when are we having dinner?! ha, like we have time! xo

  2. I was going to bring up our long awaited dinner but didn’t want your head to explode! If we can do it early next week…I’m totally in! I leave for NYC for a week (4 clients exhibiting at the ICFF show and another having an event) – and I’ll be there for a week. then it’s memorial weekend and then who knows what. so maybe monday or tuesday?? If not then mid-June 🙂 but honestly we should be able to squeeze food in there somewhere – girls gotta eat right?

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