gratitude-a-thon day 399: small bites friday


My boy is coming home tomorrow! Let the summer begin.

I love Tina Fey like I love my family. Seriously. And damn, I love these commercials.

Does anyone else hope it rains on Kim Kardashian’s ass on her wedding day? This spectacle makes me want to turn in my “citizen of humanity” badge.

I am hot for the Mad Men mid-season finale. I’m just hoping it’s as totally excellent and fulfilling as last week’s show, which really might be my favorite of the series.

It’s amazing what’s going on outside your house.

Team Angelina.

This documentary about Roger Ebert looks really, really good.

Is this why I’m always hungry?

Hey Jake, this could be good news for you. One less thing to wash.

Kind of loving this new site I found.

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