gratitude-a-thon day 370: small bites friday


The Brookline Farmer’s Market has the best flowers. I buy two every week, and although I’m generally not a color person, I love the almost neon bouquets.

The weather for the past week was close to perfect, heck, I’m going to go with totally perfect.

I ate at Fairstead Kitchen last night for the first time. Oh, the beet salad. Ah, the chicken. Great service, plus a wonderful manager and bartender. Ten thumbs up.

Red carpet fashion alert: The emmy’s are on the 25th!

I was really sad about Jake leaving for college, until I saw how he left his room. NOW I’M JUST MAD. #iamamomnotamaid.

V Stiviano says Donald Sterling is gay, and that she was his “beard.” My condolences to the gay community.

Yes, parents are embarrassing. I ought to know.

No, really? cats in hats?  Watermelon hats? 

This sounds like a marriage made in heaven.

A good, comprehensive article on Ferguson.




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