gratitude-a-thon day 396: by any other name

Vacation Riley with his beloved Tiger, who came with him to our house when he was only four months old.
After the beach Vineyard Riley.
Beachy keen Riley.


Things I call my dog:

Noodle (Absolutely no idea why.)

Nu (short for Noodle, which I still don’t why I call him to begin with.)

Boodle (a play on Noodle, which, well, you know.)

Boo Boo (This has been going on for a long while. Again, the origins of this name are unknown.)

Cuteness (this is obvious)

Lovey, Loviness (Because.)

Buddy. High in the ranking. Often when walking. BECAUSE HE IS.)

Malou (Good GOD, this comes from I don’t know where, but it is possible I am mentally ill.)

Rue (Also another very frequent moniker. No rhyme. No reason.)

Mr. Adorable (Self-explanatory.)

Mr. Poo poo (Also self explanatory.)


God, I love my dog.


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