gratitude-a-thon day 395: small bites friday


It’s a no kids weekend. Hoo-fucking-ray!

If the food doesn’t kill you, the carbon monoxide will.

And speaking of pizza, we’re getting #5 in Brookline (where the Fireplace is now–cool, right?

Great dinner last night. In my own backyard! Thanks Joc and Paul (and Brian).

A vacation she’ll never forget. #whydidn’ttyoujustgocamping.

Brookliners: still looking for an awesome pre-school? Highly recommend The Inner Spark. Almost makes me want another kid (almost, like I could physically do that).

Homeland is back. But will it be the same without Brody?

Brad and Angelina got married. And the media didn’t know. Hahaha paparazzi everywhere.

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